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One question we're often asked:  Is RocK Meadow Farm organic?

The single word, black & white answer is:  No. 

While we do not use chemical pest control, which can be used by organic growers, most of the other items related to our plant production are not organic.  The items we do use are as close to organic as we can get and still be effective for us.  We follow what we feel are the best practices we can use and still produce excellent quality plants for our gardening friends.

Seeds:  Seeds that are organic are more expensive and that's a cost we’d have to pass along to you.  Almost nobody has access to GMO seeds except big corporate farms in the mid-West which are growing GMO corn or wheat.  When you buy a local plant from anyone you are getting a non-GMO plant.

Soil:  The potting soil we use is called ProMix BX which is produced by Premier Tech, LTD. 

The soil contains a trace amount of a wetting agent which disqualifies it from being labeled organic.  This wetting agent allows the soil to absorb the water during its initial few waterings rather than having it run off.  Dry potting soil is like a dry sponge – until it has retained some moisture any water applied to it will have the tendency to just run off. 

The wetting agent is flushed out after the first few waterings, long before the plants are sold.

All other ingredients in the soil are all naturally occurring items.

 Fertilizer:  We use the following fertilizers on our plants:

   Neptune’s Harvest – Organic Fish Emulsion or Organic Fish & Seaweed Emulsion

   Nature’s Source Professional (formerly Daniels’s)

 Neptune’s Harvest fertilizers are certified organic, however the Nature’s Source is not.  Nature’s Source is oilseed based, typically soy beans, but because it contains trace amounts of certain ingredients it cannot be labeled organic.  The soy beans used in Nature's Source are non-GMO.

 Pest Control:  For pest control we only use a spray of soap and water or biologicals such as ladybugs.  No chemical pest control is ever used on the plants we sell.